Canaan Motor Club

Transforming a former NASCAR track into a new 1.3-mile driving circuit, the Canaan Motor Club creates a new destination for car collectors and driving aficionados. The new facility accommodates storage and maintenance of cars, as well as the club house on the second floor. Comprised of two overlapping volumes, the lower bar is composed of 12 garage bays, while the clubhouse occupies the upper volume. Articulated as opposites, the lower garage bar is opaque and reflective, allowing the surrounding landscape to be registered. In contrast, the clubhouse offers 360 degrees of glass, providing views to every corner of the track, and a privileged vantage point, cantilevered out over the track.



Eric Höweler
J. Meejin Yoon

Design Team

Kyle Coburn
Architectural Design
Canaan, New Hampshire
United States