Cliff Street House

Perched on a hill, overlooking a gorge, the Cliff Street house negotiates the requirements for a multiple bedroom house, a dramatically steep site, and the adjacency to public parkland. The design accommodates the existing site path from Cliff Street to the state park at the bottom of the hill, by incorporating the path into the house, and "wrapping" the house around the path as it cuts through the site. By wrapping a private space around a public path, the two realms are brought into a productive tension, where the passerby catches glimpses of the living room suspended above the path. Conversely, the inhabitants overlook the axis of the public pathway. The house occupies the space of a folded surface that peels, slips and tears to form the floor, stairs, walls and roof surface. The interior domestic landscape forms the inner liner of the folded envelope.



Eric Höweler | Principal, AIA |
J. Meejin Yoon
Architectural Design
Ithaca, NY
United States
Published in
Residential Architect
Surface Magazine