DDP Kiosk

Built adjacent to the recently completed Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP) in Seoul, South Korea, the Korean Kiosk acts as an information platform and spatial interface for visitors. The Korean Kiosk was built using similar three-dimensional digital construction administration services as the DDP.

The kiosk acknowledges its surrounding context. Placed within the DDP, the kiosk complements the formal qualities of the architectural landscape in which it is placed. While the DDP emphasizes curvature on a horizontal plane, the Korean Kiosk experiments with curvature structured on a vertical axis. By reflecting formal elements of the DDP in a complementary scheme, the Korean Kiosk straddles between an interface for sculpture and structure.

Cone geometry intersects the steel cylindrical structure to create spatial voids within the kiosk. Formal qualities of the public kiosk are emphasized through this reductive process. Intersecting voids create surprising new spaces and act as framing devices for the surrounding plaza. Because the structure is designed using a generalized cylinder and conical shapes, the entire kiosk is constructed as a developable surface. Within the kiosk, visitors encounter the punctuating cone geometry articulated on the kiosk’s shell. Partial massings of the cone geometry appear on the interior’s ceiling to provide a geometric continuum between the exterior spatial reduction and interior spatial addition of the structure.


Design Team

Sungwoo Jang | Senior Associate | sjang@hyarchitecture.com
Neil Legband | Associate | nlegband@hyarchitecture.com
Yoonhee Cho
Public Space
Korea, Republic of