Flex Lofts: Microlease Macrounit

Flex Lofts is a residential project completed as part of the Workforce Housing Urban Design Workshop organized by the Boston Society of Architects. The project proposes a new strategy for the typical residential unit mix — scales of units are considered in conjunction with both scales of time as well as scales of “living” and/or “working”. Architecturally, this produces a series of varied bands on the facade, not dissimilar to brick coursings, comprised of modular apartment units. The largest “Shop House” units, with sectionally split retail and living programs, compose the lowest street level band and are occupied for twelve months or more. Upper level bands progressively decrease in size and increase in temporality, offering leases by the month, day or even hour. Horizontally within the bands, the base microunit living modules aggregate into larger live/work spaces. On the urban level, the perimeter massing lifts along its back edge extending an abutting public park into the traditionally private center courtyard. The roof of the bar slants to meet this public plane, augmenting the park as a ramped public roof deck offering views to the Boston skyline.


Design Team

Elle Gerdeman
Kyle Coburn
Kate VanHeusen
Max Wong
Architectural Design
Boston, MA
Urban Design Workshop, Boston Society of Architects