Gray Street

Existing architectural elements of this historic Boston brownstone are incorporated into a new scheme that modernizes the space. Bathrooms are treated as independent volumes repeated on each of the four stories. The legibility of these volumes relies on rendering a corner of the bathroom as a glazed, partially eroded surface. This translucent corner acts as a "beacon" and allows natural light to pass through the space and into adjacent areas. Placement and design of beacons on each bathroom volume is slightly varied between stories; however, they are collectively illuminated through a single switch, which unifies the many floors into a single chamber of light. An oversized kitchen island consolidates perimeter surfaces and functions as a piece of storage furniture. The square-shaped island is composed of smaller rectangular volumes and is completed with a single slab of Green Danby marble. Considerate of the prevailing historic architectural details, the new baseboards coordinate existing floor heights with bathroom walls and existing trim.


Design Team

Cyrus Dochow
Neil Legband | Associate |
Interior Design
Boston, MA
Published in
The Boston Globe