MIT Compton Gallery

Designed to be a public window into MIT, the Compton Gallery re-imagines the MIT Museum to be a site where knowledge is both displayed and produced. The space hybridizes the functions of classroom, gallery, and makerspace to create a new social and creative hub within a storied institution. As a platform for collaborative thinking, the MIT Compton Gallery engages the wider community with MIT's mission of scholarship rooted in science and technology. A floor-to-ceiling wall of millwork is encased behind a glass vitrine and stands adjacent to the makerspace. The millwork serves as a porous screen that frames multiple views into the space provides opportunity to display artifacts produced in the makerspace. As a satellite of the MIT Museum, the Compton Gallery provides a zone of public education within the museum setting. Located adjacent to the "Infinite Corridor," which runs parallel to Killian Court, the Compton Gallery extends its resources into the academic heart of MIT. The addition of this space resonates with the larger mission of the MIT Museum, which focuses on the societal impact of research and technological experimentation.


Design Team

Cyrus Dochow
Yoonhee Cho


John Horner
Architectural Design
Cambridge, MA