Oblique House

Architecture (new construction)
Family residence
5,500 sf
Credit List:
Höweler + Yoon Architecture, Eric Höweler, J. Meejin Yoon, Neil Legband, Max Jarosz, Sungwoo Jang
Jeff Wolfram

The design of a new freestanding single-family house in McLean Virginia is informed by two specific site conditions. The site was formerly occupied by an existing structure built in 1953 by UVA professor Harry Ormston. The original house includes a double height volume of the family room, a feature that allows the house to optimize its solar orientation and that the owners wish to retain. The second feature is the gently sloped and wooded setting of the house backing up to Langley Fork Park. The design for the new house incorporates a double height volume as a "spatial citation" and organizes itself around the views to the wooded back yard. Computer simulations of the solar performance demonstrate that the new house will self-shade in the summer months and allow for the winter sun to passively condition the family room.