Boston, MA
Interior architecture
Offices, gallery, conference rooms
16,000 sf
Credit List:
Höweler + Yoon Architecture, Eric Höweler, J. Meejin Yoon

The new BSA Space houses the Boston Society of Architects in a 16,000sf space at Atlantic Wharf in Boston. The new space houses meeting spaces as well as 6,000sf of exhibition space dedicated to architecture and design. The design of the BSA Space, won by competition in 2010, creates a single gesture of a soffit, a stair, and a billboard to make the BSA Space both visible and accessible to the public.

The soffit on the second floor acts as a facade, visible from the sidewalk below. Drawing the public up to the second floor, a grand stair drops down from the ceiling above and provides a fluid transition between floors with a single gesture.

Conference rooms are distributed within the free-flowing gallery zone on the second floor. The conference rooms form an archipelago of the program distributed within the flows of the public gallery, maximizing the contact between the BSA members, visitors, stakeholders, and members of the general public.